Allegri in Paris Saint-Germain? He meets Campos but refuses the offer even though he is not satisfied with Juve-

From Monica Colombo

A picture spread on social media of the Juventus coach and the new coach of the French team along with Monte Carlo is fueling the market: Max is not very happy with the Juventus transfer market and Pochettino will be replaced

What does Max Allegri do at Luis Campos

, a new machine from the Parisian market, in front of the Hotel de Paris in Monte Carlo? The photo of the meeting is spreading across the web, and has been relaunched by social media accounts that monitor Paris Saint-Germain events. The interview, as it can easily be imagined, could not go unnoticed: on the one hand, because the French club has not yet announced the new manager, Given Pochettino’s apparent exemption; On the other hand, because the Juventus coach, who is impatient with the slowdown in the market, can hardly hide the signs of stress.

Facts: Max is on vacation with friends in Principality E In fact, he met the director of the technical area on Tuesday 14 which has one of its operating bases in a 5-star hotel in Munich (rooms cost between 1100 and 1900 euros per night). The two have known each other for a long time and are on good terms, Max says: After all, it was Campos, Florentino Perez’s advisor, who suggested Allegri’s appointment to Real Madrid last year. And now the technical director, who recently made official Leonardo’s legacy (the scapegoat after the Parisian flop in the Champions League), is in dire need of a technician. Zidane – the preferred name of the Qatari owner willing to pay his €25m salary a year – preempted the proposal despite political pressures from President Emmanuel Macron. Indeed, Zizou appears to be enamored with the prospect of waiting for the World Cup to end so he can collect Deschamps’ legacy at the helm of France. Cos Campos researched the availability of Allegri, who was linked with Juventus until June 30, 2025 with a salary of 7 million per season, listened but bit the suggestion.

After a disappointing year with Juventus, which ended without winning a trophy (it hadn’t happened in 11 years), Max does not feel a desire to leave Juventus. Of course, the mood is not the best because in the summer of reconstruction he expected more projects or investment capacity from the company. Obtorto Collo had to draw in front of the youth policy, which is necessary to reduce the wage bill: Max historically searches for players with experience in the battles of the European championships. Cheer on signing Pogba (which will become official in July: The Frenchman is currently on vacation in Miami, also with Dybala) but he is cheating Impatience for Di Maria’s case. As is known, the Argentine has not yet responded to Juventus’ offer of a two-year contract and is satisfied with the prospect of playing in Barcelona for only one year, before returning to South America.

The problem is that the alternatives proposed by the club to Max, from Berardi to Zaniolo, did not meet the full satisfaction of the Livorno coach, who aspires to make an international appearance. Not only that: In the logic of cost-cutting, a big name sacrifice might be necessary (De Ligt? Rabiot?), not to mention that a stay in Turin Morata Repos is far from the solution (There is still no agreement with the card holder Atlético de Madrid.) In short, Allegri is sure not to live carefree days. The meeting with Campos was certainly fun for him, but he is still in Turin for now, where general manager Maurizio Arrivabene will play a crucial role in serving as a link between the different spirits of the club.

By the way, Christophe Galtier is likely to go to PSG Who has already worked with Luis Campos in Lille: currently under contract with Nice. Max has no intention of betraying Juventus, but now he expects a decisive acceleration in the market.

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