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c.we, As for Amazon, it is about to deliver its parcels without human mediation hostile to history. The first home drone will begin to buzz over our heads in the second half of the year to meekly fly over the recipient’s private yard or patio.

Starts from Lockfordca, but soon after Drone invasionIt spread to the colonies. There will be little protests and little annoyances that will allow you to write nostalgic, ethical and useless articles, because they will end just as much with smartphones: The revolution will tear everything aparteven jokes, and sooner or later, drones will, sooner or later, become part of the urban landscape.

The Most Designed Will Undermine Jeff Bezos E They will become masters, the most deceitful and laziest drones, those who will fall asleep in flight, drones. They will not only carry packages. They will also prepare them. In the end, they will do everything themselves.

It remains to be seen what we will do. Drones reduce costs and prices, but also seats. So long as he is content to do the most frequent and least paid tasks, I fear that few of them will have nothing to complain about, even if the problem of providing income to hundreds of millions of unemployed people remains. But when will the drone start to perform better than the surgeon and count as a hundred engineers?

Don’t say: We won’t be there anyway. We will be thereand I don’t even know if it’s a drone called you or it.

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