Calciomercato 2022 LIVE, live broadcast of all negotiations and exchanges today June 15, 2022

  • Juventus, the key to Koulibaly is Demiral
    Juventus are tightening their pace with Atalanta: Demiral’s purchase time is running out, we are already past Friday’s deadline. According to today’s edition of Tuttosport, “Kuulibaly-Juventus, the key is Demiral” to unlock the deal that would lead the Napoli defender to Turin.Read the article10:08

  • Milan’s slingshot against the blue national team and removes the fans’ dreams
    Maldini poll, like a winger who asked to sell because of the bad feeling with his coach: But for the Rossoneri supporters there is better.deepen10:17

  • The background of the Allegri-Psg match has been revealed, and fans have unleashed the web
    Was the Juventus coach photographed in Monte Carlo with Parisian club director Campos, a case or a mix of the transfer market?deepen10:19

  • Inter, how many regrets: now the top players in the English Premier League are competing for it
    Tottenham are on their way, even Manchester United asked for information: A year after the accident, the former Nerazzurri is the king of the transfer market.deepen11:10

  • Inter Chelsea, call in the next few hours: Lukaku is ready to come back
    A summit is scheduled for Wednesday, June 15, which is supposed to resolve the situation and return Romelu Lukaku to Milan. For their part, the duo Marotta and Ausilio continue to work on the Dybala-Lukaku dual front, trying to balance important purchases with the company’s balance sheet. Dybala’s agent has been discovered again in Milan, while Chelsea, after Lukaku announced their willingness to cut his salary, is ready to evaluate Marotta’s idea of ​​a onerous loan.deepen11:41

  • Genoa: The first blow comes from Eintracht
    New Genoa also starts. Next season, Griffin will participate in the trainee series with the goal of immediately returning to Serie A, and to do that we need a team capable of fighting in a long and treacherous championship like B. Bundesliga: Russoubli has in fact reached an agreement with 33-year-old Eintracht midfielder and Austrian national team midfielder Stefan Ilsanker.Go to the article13:47

  • Allegri-PSG, Montecarlo Contact: The conspiracy that is rocking the transfer market
    Communication in Montecarlo between Juventus and PSG coach Luis Campos, who took over from Leonardo who left the club after 10 years of activity. Campos has not yet determined the profile to be tasked with the technical leadership of the team, thanks to Zidane’s reluctance. The Livorno coach is linked to Juventus with a rich contract until 2025. Details that do not prevent fans from submitting to his possible move to Paris Saint-Germain.deepen13:48

  • Napoli: Osimhen is no longer transferable
    Immediately since retiring from the national team, Victor Osimhen has announced that there is no certainty about his stay in Campania in connection with the upcoming tournament. Napoli and De Lotentis do not consider the player non-transferable, but they estimate him at 110 million euros. Osimene knows that he is virtually in the market and has news of rumors relating to him, especially from Spain and England.deepen13:50

  • Lazio: Sarri is still waiting for the three promised contracts
    There are still three weeks left before Auronzo di Cadore’s training camp begins, but for now Sarri is still waiting for promised signings. This standing moment in the biancoceleste market certainly does not appeal to the Tuscan coach who is also waiting for the three shots to renew the contract.deepen13:51

  • AC Milan and Newcastle insist on Putman
    Milan continues to put pressure on Putman. The Lille defender has already found an agreement with Maldini and Massara to land at the Stefano Pioli Stadium. However, as reported by Tuttosport, Newcastle had a run between Putman and Milan. The English club could have made an offer of 40 million euros for Lille, an amount much higher than the Rossoneri’s offer. The Dutch defender’s will is clear, but Newcastle’s millions can make a difference.Read the article13:53

  • Fiorentina, no ransom for Torreira: ‘Someone behaved badly’
    The words Lucas Torreira used to greet Fiorentina and his fans are rather heavy after the club’s decision not to replace him next season. “Dear Fiorentina fans, unfortunately it is time to say goodbye.” So, it is a decidedly bittersweet farewell for Torreira to Fiorentina, the team with whom this year fellow Fry Bentos combined 35 games that saw 5 goals and 2 assists.deepen13:55

  • Rome: near Vrates
    Roma are serious about David Frattisi, the midfielder who wore the yellow and red jersey in the youth teams from 2014 to 2017, then went to Ascoli, Empoli and Monza and made a big leap in the Italian league with the Sassuolo shirt. On the other hand, Edoardo Volpato and one between Filippo Tripi and Felix Afena-Gyan could end up with neroverdi, the young provocateur profiles of Emilians willing to make them play consistently in the first division.Read the article13:57

  • Milan, Politano’s name appears in the chase on the outer right
    Not just Politano for the outside world. Among the areas of the pitch looking for a master in Milan is certainly the right lane, the sector in which the family name Maldini and Massara ended up being Matteo Politano. Fiorentina and Gennaro Gattuso Valencia will have strong interest in the player. Naples immediately presented the price: no less than 15 million.deepen14:01

  • Stephen Chang Inter arrives in Milan: The transfer market has begun
    According to reports from Sky Sports, Inter president Stephen Chang had arrived at Milan on Wednesday 15 June. The arrival of the number one player in the Nerazzurri was expected to allow the negotiations initiated by Marotta and Ausilio to be put on paper.Read the article14:47

  • Inter, Lukaku: Opens a crack and Zanetti discovers the cards on Dybala
    The process for the former is more complex while former Inter captain and vice president Javier Zanetti spoke about the latter. For the Belgian striker, he is racing against time to complete negotiations by June 30 and be able to benefit from the growth decree. For Dybala, there is still a gap between supply and demand in terms of salary.Go to the article15:04

  • Cremonese: Defender Johan Vazquez is on the way
    Cremonese is also moving to the market in light of the return to Serie A. Reinforcement in defense, Genoa defender born in 1998, who was relegated. The player will arrive on loan.deepen15:16

  • Pogba’s announcement at Juventus in July: the latest
    Paul Pogba’s announcement at Juventus looks imminent. Juventus management, according to the latest rumors reported by the Gazzetta dello Sport, will be ready to announce the French player after the official opening of the market.deepen15:24

  • Ilaria D’Amico Gianluigi Buffon, football, love and children: pictures
    An intense love and football story between TV journalist and presenter Ilaria D’Amico and Gigi Buffon, the former Juventus goalkeeper today in Parma.deepen16:25

  • Responsible: Luis Campos, external advisor to Celta Vigo
    Official: Luis Campos, external advisor to Celta Vigo and will work closely with Juan Carlos Calero. And a press release issued by the company, published on social media, announced the decision. For Campos, this is a mission that will go along with the already official mission from PSG ds.Read the article16:46

  • Gnonto unleashes the market: Hoffenheim falls on it
    Big clubs are increasingly interested in youngster Junonto, who on Tuesday became the youngest goalscorer in the history of the Italian national team. According to reports from Sky Sports, the 18-year-old has caught the attention of Hoffenheim Bundesliga club as his coach arrives in Zurich.deepen17:31

  • 2022 First Division A Summer Transfer Market Scoreboard. Movements, Purchases and Sales
    All purchases and sales of the first division marketdeepen17:38

  • Inter: Aslani negotiations are in their final stage
    In addition to trying to close in on Lukaku’s return to Nerazzurri, Marotta is outlining the purchase of another very important piece for Team Inzaghi. Marotta and Oselio are ready to give coach Inzaghi the position of Deputy Brozovic.Go to the article18:02

  • Turin, warming loaned to Darmstadt
    After just one season and five matches, and no goals scored, Torino have formalized the loan of 22-year-old Danish striker Magnus Warming to Darmstadt, the German second-tier side.Go to the article18:35

  • Totti, rushed in Rome on Dybala and pulled Zaniolo’s ears
    At the inauguration of the Conte Sports City, Francesco Totti made statements about his future as well as on crucial market issues relating to Rome. Totti: My return to Rome? They are reaping the rewards of the excellent work they have done. Totti: Dybala in Rome? Don’t just rely on it. Dybala to Rome? Don’t just rely on it. Totti has certainly closed the door to Paulo Dybala’s possible arrival in Roma, who is expected to increasingly turn towards Inter.Read the article19:07

    Totti, rushed in Rome on Dybala and pulled Zaniolo's ears
  • Verona, Marrocco in the open in Simeone and Barrack
    After two seasons of quiet and talent promotion, Verona has turned the page. Fourth coach in three years, heir in turn Ivan Juric, but above all the new sporting director. We will try to take advantage of the long wave left by our ancestors.deepen19:28

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