Can’t find electric cars? Did you know that Tesla has the official second hand? And they offer advanced autopilot

problem components supply It continues to hit the auto industry hard. As we know, car manufacturers had to do it Review their production plans. Thus, delivery times are significantly prolonged. For those who want to buy electricityFinding a car quickly can be very difficult.

The alternative could be second hand market. In particular, it could be an opportunity to try to bet on Tesla which is among the most desirable models by electric users. In this regard, the American manufacturer states that it usually withdraws its cars from previous owners by giving them the option to trade.

The brand adds that once back and after exposure to Total Quality ControlsVehicles are placed online through its dedicated platform. Primarily, the controls focus on 10 areas including the battery and engines, suspension, brakes, electrical system, and the exterior and interior.

Speaking of its used fleet, Tesla offers some interesting information about vehicle management. The brand indicates that its used cars are all equipped with Advanced Autopilot Package At no additional cost, giving new owners access to features like Auto Lane Change, Auto Pilot Navigation, Auto Park and Summon. Usually, if you configure a new car, the package costs 3800 euros.

Additionally, used Tesla vehicles are covered by any remaining 4 years or 80,000 km available from the base vehicle warranty. After expiration or if it has already expired, used car warranty provides one Extra coverage One year or 20,000 km.

The auto maker also indicates this Thanks to OTA updatesCars always have the latest news. So, for example, a Model 3 purchased two years ago will provide almost the same digital experience as the all-new Model 3. Finally, Tesla adds that deliveries of used cars are very fast (within a few days at most) and that its cars, according to data from Autovista, have lower consumption than other brands’ electric models.

Add to that the benefits of owning a Tesla including access to the extensive Supercharger charging network.

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