Chastity proposal before marriage for the engaged

We read again “even if we find ourselves talking to cohabiting couples, it is never worthwhile to talk about the virtue of chastity.”

Chastity in marriage-

The Vatican also speaks of chastity in marriage: “As a married couple, in fact, the importance of those values ​​and care that the virtue of chastity teaches—which is specific—shows more clearly: respect for ‘the other, concern for never.’ The physical and spiritual difficulty, strength and self-control needed in times of one spouse’s absence or illness. Also in this context, the experience of Christian couples will be important in explaining the importance of this virtue in marriage and the family.”

To accompany the couples even after the wedding-

The document also stipulates that spouses must be accompanied after marriage. “There are many aspects of marital and family life that can become the subject of dialogue and catechism in these years. It is necessary, for example, to educate husbands about the sensitive issue of sexuality in marriage and issues related to it, that is, the transmission of life and the organization of births, and about other matters of morality. and bioethics. Another area that should not be overlooked – as mentioned in the document – is the education of children, human beings and Christians.”

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