Comparison mocks the video on Starfield and NMS –

In the past few hours he has achieved great success in the social field a Video comparison between Starfield and No Man’s Sky Posted by the official IGN Twitter account and later the well-known journalist/insider Tom Henderson He wanted to respond to the media hype around this somewhat risky video with another definitely incorrect comparison, between Forza Motorsport and Alaskan Truck Simulator.

The result can be seen in the tweet below by Tom Henderson, who clearly mocks the somewhat forced comparison of the first Bethesda and Hello Games, with a more absurd game staging, to answer caciara with more caciara. The text is exactly what was posted by IGN, but with the games substitution: “Forza Motorsport’s gameplay was finally revealed and fans immediately started drawing comparisons to another simulator: Alaskan Truck Simulator. To the other!”

Of course, there are gods in this case too Contact points: In both Forza Motorsport and in the Alaskan Truck Simulator, you drive vehicles, find yourself in different climatic conditions and there are natural settings with trees and rocks, and you can even build a direct comparison on similar grounds to those used in the now famous Starfield vs No Man’s Sky.

Meaning somewhat of make fun of A comparison has been made of two games that offer different structures, capacities and outputs at different levels, which appears to have won favor on social media, given the success of the bizarre video posted by IGN, and also apparently exploiting the series of media discussions followed by Starfield’s presentation at the Xbox & Bethesda Game Show in June 12, 2022.

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