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Diablo 4 It was presented with a new one video From Play From Game Informer: A cinematic scene that lasts about 11 minutes, that includes some dungeons and some amazing ones boss fight.

Diablo 4 was presented at the Xbox & Bethesda game show with a video clip, and it’s also confirmed in these sequences privately. Solid and interestingA lot for fans of the series Blizzard As for those who would like to approach him for the first time.

The mechanics of the franchise’s RPG action actually appear heavily tested and refined for the occasion, with the fairly complete set of classes and animals we see here also being rich and varied.

In particular, the boss of the world who closes the game makes an impression: a huge creature, which moves in a very convincing way and clearly requires the contribution of many players in order to be able to eliminate it.

Diablo 4 will be available in the context of 2023 On PC, PS5, PS4, and Xbox Series X | S, and Xbox One versions, although there are some doubts about the previous generation platforms.

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