Do not sell electric trucks, not even with a bonus

The electric trucks haven’t been sold, yet with the bonus. Even if the stimulus has only been running since the last week of May, it will be necessary to wait for the June data to get the first complete balance sheet.

electric cartselectric carts? Only 1.5% of the market

Opening the platform to access government incentivesWhich took place last May 25, she did not have No positive effect in the commercial vehicle market. The 10 million box make the euro available to Pure electric cars only In the face of scraping, it is still practically intact. Reservations are committed for just over €400,000. And the market share of electric trucks is stuck at 1.5%, less than half the share of battery-powered vehicles. But the entire market is at a standstill, with a fourth consecutive monthly decline. In May they were in total 15,835 vehicles were registered, down 11.3% Compared to 17,847 in the same month 2021. This is what appears from the estimates of the UNRAE Center for Studies and Statistics. cumulative first five months count 74,076 recordsdown 8.5% compared to 80,925 in the January-May 2021 period.

electric carts
Michel Creasy, President of Unrae.

Diesel down, but still 74%, hybrid up

Market structure analysis shows that vehicles petrol Double the sizes and reach 6.9% of the grand total. The diesel loses more than 10 points, al 74.9% of share. The methane drop to1.6%while the liquefied petroleum gas still stable at 2.7%. vehicles Hybrids More than double the serving, all11.9%. “The decision to exclude the benefits of conventional combustion cars, which are today with 98.5% Covering almost the entire commercial vehicle market, which makes the number of catalytic vehicles very small,” The President of the United Nations Michelle Creasy. “Above all, it reduces the number of potential scrapping. Delayed turnover of the fleet, which in this sector is also among the oldest in Europe, withAverage age 14 years“.

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