Donnarumma, a quarrel with Tiziana Alla at the end of Germany and Italy

on 5-2 of Germany to meItalia There is also a mistake from the goalkeeper Gianluigi Donnarummawhose wrong pass gave the goal 5-0 to Werner. A mistake similar to the one made on Benzema cost Paris Saint-Germain the return of Real Madrid in the second leg of the Champions League and the exclusion of the Frenchman from the competition. During the post-match interview, when the reporter opinion Tiziana Ala Compare the two porter ducks, Blue number one lost his temper.

“Remarkably – said the sideline – but I don’t want to get mad at this, it’s not the first time you’ve made that kind of mistake this year.”

Germany-Italy 5-2, nightmare night for the Azzurri. Junonto became the youngest goalscorer ever

By our correspondent Enrico Corro

Open heaven. “But when did this happen to me?” The goalkeeper replied annoyed. “With Real Madrid? With False? But please. If you’re referring to that episode, I’m telling you it was a mistake. If you don’t want it to be, let’s say it’s Donnarumma’s fault. If we want to controversy about these things, let’s do it. Tonight.” I have a talk with the team. We all made mistakes, there is no culprit. In 4-0 that’s right, I could have gotten rid of it. Now we’ll face each other and analyze the reasons. If after that you want to blame me for the mistake, give it to me – he said fiercely – I Captain, I take the blame, but I go forward with my head held high, as I always have.”

Germany – Italy 5-2, one of the biggest defeats in the history of the national team

by Claudio Cociati

Tiziana tried not to calm Gigi Donnarumma: “I only talked about learning from past mistakes, I didn’t want to hint at anything.” But at that point, Jijiu was no longer listening. “I repeat, that was a mistake, but that’s fine.” And he came out in the worst way after one of the worst defeats in the history of the national team.

Donnarumma was also nervous at the end of the match against Kimmich who tried to harness a goal from midfield, in a 5-2 draw. But at Wolverhampton, he responded to a fan who camouflaged himself among others to insult him.

Who is Tiziana Alla, Hamish Ray

Who is angry Donnarumma? with Tiziana AlaJournalist opinion Than in the new session Alessandra Di Stefano to the direction of Ray Sport He plays the role of the side line during the matches of the national team. She graduated in political science, studied at the Urbino College of Journalism. Her father had passed on to her, when she was a child, a passion for football and the field. He worked for ten years as a reporter at messengerin addition to cooperating with Corriere dello Sport And with monthly bikes. Arrived opinion In 2000, his first suspension in Serie B matches for Juventus, in 2006-2007. In 2019 she commented on the FIFA Women’s World Cup.

Tiziana Alla and Donnarumma: “In this business you have to ask questions”

After the fight live with Donnarumma And messages of solidarity reached Al-Rai journalist from many of his colleagues. In response to a tweet from Sandro Piccinini, Alaa repeated: “Questions must be asked.”

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