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In the past few hours, the men’s and women’s fares have shared a post on social media that appears to be directed at Ida.

Ricardo Guarnieriin one of the latest episodes men and womenHe’s admitted he’s not as in love as he used to be Ida Platano. Her confession was enough for the Lady of the Throne to shut herself up and not want to add anything else. For his part, the rider said that he was calm and convinced of what was said and done and did not want to try again with the lady. According to him, the problems look the same as in the past. Since then, apparently, he has not heard or seen Ida Platano, as he himself stated in a recent interview with Men’s and Women’s magazine:

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We didn’t hear from each other again, also because I think Ida blocked me on social media. I have no intention of searching for him yet. I realized I was only blocked because his picture was missing from our chat profile […] I said all I had to say, but unfortunately my words were misunderstood for the thousandth time: it was understood exactly the opposite of what I meant … Anyway, I am calm. I think I was transparent from start to finish, contrary to what Ida asserted and thought.

But although the knight seems to have set a stone in this story and seems to have continued, fans have noticed, or rather visualized, some of the sentences he wrote. Like a veiled “dig” of the lady of the throne.

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Men and women, Ricardo Guarnieri threw excavations at Ida?

In the past few hours, the men and women’s Faris shared through his Instagram stories a video that talks about the relationship between a man and a woman, about the problems of the spouses, described and treated by a psychiatrist. In the video, the doctor explains:

The main thing is when a man does not feel appreciated by a woman. That is, nothing he does is given value, this is one of the things often reported in marital therapy. We only focus on what is wrong and we always feel underappreciated and undervalued, and humans tend to lose the pleasure of doing so.

Fans instantly recognized this post as a A clear message of what happened between Ida and Ricardo. And in particular, for what the knight always repeated in the course of their discussions. This is the fact of not being understood and not feeling appreciated.

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