Emma Marron interrupted the party, saying, “Guys, stop everything!”. The gesture elicited applause, that’s what happened!

Emma Maroon She is one of the most famous singers in recent years. Her strong personality, stage presence and great songs have attracted millions of loyal fans who follow her at every concert or event.

A star was born thanks The victory of the talent show “Amechi” by Maria de FilippiOver the years, Emma Maroney has shown her immense talent, and has also collaborated with many other artists in the Italian music scene.

But it wasn’t his skill and professionalism that captured the audience. Emma looks exactly the sameA real woman, not a pre-built character. He shows his weakness and talks about his most difficult moments and how he dealt with them.

mostly Victim of physical shameEmma Marron has always commented on unfortunate jokes to empower all those women who feel hurt or shame in the face of judgment over their own bodies.

Emma Maroon
Emma Marron on stage during a concert

The last story goes back to Sanremo festival this year, when a radio host described Emma’s appearance on stage as incompatible with her body. Then the singer shot a short video, without makeup and without frills, to indicate this At that point she had brought her work And it is on this just before the comments.

As always, you didn’t miss the opportunity Remind women that they are more than just a body. This sensitivity and depth of soul, Emma demonstrated again during a concert.

The accident that happened at Emma Maroney’s party

In the past few hours I Emma video She sings one of her songs on stage but suddenly we hear her say:No guys, stop everything! Stop! Stop!The singer realized that One of his fans got sick During the concert, he stops the party until the boy is rescued.

Invite the strongest players to help the crew lift the boy over the barriers so he has more room to breathe. after, after Works for a water bottle He makes sure the boy recovers before continuing his concert.

Obviously a gesture applause from the audience Which once again showcased how sensitive, attentive and caring Emma was. His fans will always remember his gesture and we are sure that even in the future, Emma Maroon You will continue to provide reasons to admire.

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