Everyone talks about sole and herring, but let’s not underestimate this legendary, adorable, heart-healthy fish that experts recommend.

We now know that nutritionists and dietitians recommend eating fish at least twice a week. Now that we have gone on vacation, especially when we are at the seaside, the pleasure of finding it ready will also make us enjoy it every day. Indeed, now it is customary in almost all hotels in seaside resorts to offer customers a daily menu based on fish. And from which we should absolutely take advantage, not only for the pleasure of the table, but also for the well-being of our health. Today we’re going to see a fish that may have been underestimated, but athletes know that all too well. Light and tasty, rich in noble proteins and above all omega-3 fatty acids, great allies for the heart. The heart, which is tested more in the summer, is due to the heat and lethargy. Eating this delicious and healthy fish can be a big plus on our health table.

Included in many diet recipes

Everyone talks about the lonely fish and herring, but let’s not underestimate this legendary fish, it is very valuable to bring to the table for the whole family. Thanks to the few calories, about 80/100 grams of food, St. Peter’s fish is included in many diets. Both are slimming, but also maintenance ones. Gettonatissimo So as we have said in the diets of athletes and those who engage in a lot of physical activity, take care of their heart. Its pleasant taste and delicious freshness make it the protagonist of many summer recipes. While it is a true source of nutrients, it is probably less well known than other “pals”. Being also particularly rich in sodium and potassium, as per the instructions of a nutritionist, it can be a valid natural mineral supplement.

Everyone talks about sole and herring, but let’s not underestimate this legendary, adorable, heart-healthy fish that experts recommend.

Peter’s fish is so good that it owes its name even to the famous apostle of Jesus. In fact, the story goes that Peter, suffering from Roman taxes, found coins to shove into the mouth of one of these fish. . Oddly enough, those with coins on the back will remember this episode. Together with the lines, always present on the body of the fish of St. Peter, which will instead return the imprint of the Apostle’s hands. Great references to history and wisdom often also associated with great places to visit.

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