“First symptoms for days, but buffer remains negative.” What is happening

TheCovid changes Again. The virus that has certainly changed since 2020, as well as the symptoms thanks to the massive spread of vaccines, seems to present itself in a new form. So far it looks like a file positive hue Arrive long after the first symptoms.

Health Minister Roberto Speranza tests positive for Covid, in isolation

If the swab initially detects the virus even without symptoms, there may be a case where you have had symptoms for several days but the swab is still negative. An anomaly compared to the first period of a pandemic that an increasing number of patients around the world faced and reported is The Atlantic.

Duties of masks on transportation have extended until the end of next September

Doctors and scientists are trying to understand what’s going on, and it’s not easy to tell whether it’s due to mutations in the virus, our immune system, the sensitivity of the tests themselves, or a combination of different factors. A much-discussed hypothesis is that symptoms precede a positive test result not so much because the coronavirus has become a “late blast,” but simply because the disease starts earlier or, in better terms, activates the immune system much faster against the virus. Another controversy is that omicron subvariants easily escape antigen testing in the early stages of the disease. But also the fact that the increased use of “do-it-yourself” tests compared to those in pharmacies can affect the quality of the results

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