Flyer Ultras Curva A v. De Laurentiis: ‘Bank accounts speak for themselves’

The clash continues between the supporters of the organizers and the president Aurelio De Laurentiis. Looks like last season ended with Scudetto not arrivingand the transport market in the name ofReducing the amount of wages The drops that broke the camel’s back.

This time, it’s the people who criticize the president Ultras from Curva A with a leaflet spotted around the city again targeting the statements of the Italian shepherd last week in which he accused Coulibaly And the Mertens They don’t want to stay in Naples because of their association with it “Money bastard”.

Flyer Against

The newsletter reads the sarcastic headline “Aurelio De Laurentiis Presents: Jokes”Let’s start next with the accusation against the president: “You criticize players for vile money but Bank accounts speak for themselves. You dirty mercenary! “.

Then the sign highlights a series of Figures related to earnings and compensation Obtained in the last years of the administration above a photograph depicting De Laurentiis inside a cemetery with a tombstone that reads unambiguously Rib Scudetto. At the conclusion of the post, the ironic subtitle “Je stong apert pe vuje!”.

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