GdS – Inter, the real reason for the Udogie Summit. Belanova jaw contract

Inter are moving in search of a replacement for Ivan Perisic. Below are the profiles that Domain Manager works on

L ‘Inter He moves in search of a replacement for Ivan Perisic. To understand whether he will be the left winger or the right winger, but the void vacated by the Croat must be filled and the Nerazzurri want to do it as quickly as possible. Target announced: have Simone Inzaghi put the squad ready by June 30th. Bellanova, Udogie, and more: Here’s the news from Gazzetta dello Sport.

Yesterday the viale della Liberazione looked like the parlor of a Western movie: travelers arrive, customers go. An unprecedented number of agents have gone through the automatic door, also because there are so many diverse negotiations taking shape. A lot is currently focused on both sides of the Nerazzurri, both of whom are undergoing reorganization after last season. To Raul from Cagliari Bellanova Inter is in an advanced stage of courtship, even if the reversals are not over and There is still a knot to untiefrom the inclusion of Casadei’s counterpart to the valuation of 10 million, it is considered quite a lot.

That’s why the Nerazzurri duo’s move, CEO Beppe Marotta with director Piero Ausilio, kept the other doors open and It is certainly no coincidence that yesterday they welcomed Stefano Antonelli, Destiny Udogie’s agent, into the office., Udinese left winger who handles Inzaghi. The price tag of 20 million does not help the discussions, but the first flag was laid. And in the next few hours, to complete the series of meetings, Andrea’s staff will speak with the Nerazzurri managers Cambiassothe 20-year-old Genoa winger and the last hypothesis is on the table‘, has been read.

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