Handy for summer: This is a smart LED ceiling light with a built-in fan. Excellent price

The Product displayed on Cafago From our current collection there is a chandelier suitable for every room with a fan built in the middle that is almost invisible to the eye. It is equipped with LED lighting and can be managed by an app on a smartphone (via Bluetooth).

It is offered at 62.91, with a 43% discount compared to the original list price, for the entire month of June. Shipping from Germany No customs duties and no waiting for several weeks. You can find all the details here.

Chandelier with built-in fan on display

We are in an increasingly connected world and even everyday things equip themselves with smart functions for them Simpler and faster use is preferred And this product is an excellent example!

The chandelier is proud Dimensions equal to 260 mm in height and 540 mm in diameter It can be set to three white temperatures (daylight, cool white and warm white). The fan speed can also be set via the app, at a maximum distance of 20 meters thanks to the bluetooth connection used. Cafago costs just over 60, which is excellent for this type of product: you can make your purchase here.

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