Heart attack comes the protein that cleans the arteries of the heart

(ANSA) – Rome, June 15 – A “squishy” protein that cleans the heart’s arteries to fight heart attacks and prevent relapses has arrived. That’s the result of a study, promoted by Harvard Medical School in Boston, that aims to recruit about 20,000 people through 1,035 centers around the world, ready to test “apoA-I”: a type of “sponge” capable of absorbing the fat it comes in contact with. , and manage to separate it from the atherosclerotic plaque.

Among the centers participating in the experimental treatment is also IRCCS MultiMedica from Sesto San Giovanni which enrolled its first patient in the “ApoA-I Event Reducing in Ischemic Syndromes II (AEGIS-II)” trial.

The primary goal of the work — says Dr. Roberto Pedretti, MD, director of the cardiovascular division at Irccs MultiMedica — is to monitor whether this treatment is able to reduce the risk of further cardiovascular events in the first 90 days after a heart attack, a period of greater impairment.

He adds that in Italy there are about 130,000 heart attack patients each year and 20% undergo a new event within 12 months.”

“While existing drugs – explains Professor Giuseppe Ambrosio, AEGIS-II study coordinator for Italy and deputy scientific director of Irccs MultiMedica – work by reducing cholesterol synthesis and preventing the formation of new buildups, this treatment has a much more ambitious goal that has not been achieved before: attacking existing plaques. Already in the arteries. It is an entirely new method, which we hope – he concludes – will contribute to the reduction of acute events in those who have had a heart attack. The preliminary results are very encouraging.” (Dealing).

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