How much is 100 grams of gold used today? “beyond belief”

The discovery of “raw” gold goes back to very distant historical contexts, even prehistoric times: according to many historians, it represented the first form of the metal discovered by the first civilizations, and from the very beginning it was associated with a true singularity because it is a chemical element that is found sporadically in the region. The qualities of plasticity, resistance, and the ability to work very easily allowed the first civilizations to associate them with trade, jewelry-making, and craftsmanship of great value. With the birth of the first coins, gold acquired a more central position in economies, which allowed the real development of the first coinage, which also led to the emergence of an important gold market.

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Gold has remained absolutely fundamental to any form of economic transaction, and constitutes the “base” of the former as well stock exchange. Even today, despite losing a portion of its “weight” in the financial world, countries around the world own a certain number of gold bars, which even symbolically constitute wealth in the purest term. Even if more and more weight is given to other forms of resources, such as oil, gold remains indispensable to every sufficiently developed country from a financial point of view, and the demand for gold is always very high, primarily for economic reasons but also for other forms of applications , especially practical applications.

How much is 100 grams of gold used today? “beyond belief”

The value of the metal increases mainly due to the increase in demand, and this also affects the gold used. The perception of the latter varies from country to country: in Italy, 18-karat gold is denoted, and it is also referred to as 750 gold (counted in thousand), and above all because it is the most used in jewelry. Even the user is subject to the same increases in cheap gold: so far, 100 grams of used gold is worth just over 4000 euros, specifically 4004.54 euros.

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