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Former ‘Cannibal’ writer who got annuity: After Bakshili Act, hundreds of messages on my phone

The sea of ​​his refuge in Palmy, Calabria, guitar, perfume, and alchemist’s dreams too; Then the inevitable sarcasm lurking, but perhaps more sad than usual; And huge doses of anger, subtle sweetness and still a lot, a lot of hair. This is new – and old – in the life of a “cannibal” after 25 years.
Aldo Novi
He will only turn 55 next month, and in the meantime he is on the defensive at his superb club Aventino north of Reggio Calabria. He is recovering. And he preferred not to talk about it again because of the annuities that the government, in the name of Ricardo Buckelli, gave to “brilliant citizens”, writers, artists, craftsmen, scientists, and musicians facing serious economic and health problems, as it had been for nearly forty years composed Po . mill.

It does not matter that in this state of stifling necessity, it was preceded by relics of Italian literature such as Anna Maria Ortiz, Roberto Ripora, Guido Seronetti and Alda Merini, or heroes of war, such as Giorgio Perlasca, with whom the country will always remain. Regardless of any financial contribution, in cultural or historical debt. After publishing 35 works, including novels, essays, collections of poems, screenplays, and biographies of Mia Martini and Franco Battiato, having marked a generation and dismayed the previous one, Nouf suffers from inappropriate letters and phone calls that pile hundreds on his mobile phone in the days following the official announcement. For this recognition by the Minister of Public Administration, Renato Brunetta. Sometimes he experiences them as an annoying intrusion: “What do they want?” my x-rays?

Neither the disease nor the lack of interest of a large part of the publishing world prevented him from continuing to write, produce and publish. For the experience, above all. As in the mid-nineties, after receiving a degree in moral philosophy, the boy from Viggio, an orphan of both parents at the age of 15, displaced critics and impressed the audience, especially younger ones, with stories. Woobinda and other stories without a happy ending (1996, Castelvecchi), followed two years later Superobenda (Enaudi, 1998). One of his opening words has become a classic of fiction: “I killed my parents because they used a ridiculous bubble bath, Pure & Vegetal…”. A new “current” arose, “for its charismatic style, raw language and violent themes”, Trikani testifies. But also in order to see society and its flaws that foresaw later deviations.

“Cannibals”, “pulp-eaters” have landed, and definitions for the prose of Tiziano Scarpa, Niccol Omanetti, Alda Teodorani, Aldo Novi, the pseudonym of Antonio Centanin, have been searched. The generality of this quote. Indeed, in honor of the Resistance: “Aldo says 26 x 1” was the code message issued by the National Liberation Committee of Italy’s Supreme National Liberation Committee (CLNAI) to indicate the day (April 26) and time (one in the morning) for the rebellion. Aldo and 2 + 6 + 1 make Aldo Nuvi.

“But now I’m trying to change my name,” he announces.

Too bad, it has its own souvenir value.

“Yes, it has its value, but I’m sick of that nickname.”

He once said he had a psychotic breath: Do you still think so?

What is ego? Arthur Rimbaud told us, a long time ago, that this is a very complicated thing. Franco Batiato remembered that as a child he refused to carry out the specific subject and chose another nickname: Who am I? The ego is a helium-filled balloon that serves to make it rise Then it explodes. And here the ego is an inflated balloon.”

Is it true that he is a fan of horoscopes?

“Horoscopes? Rather, esoteric. Which approaches chemistry studies. And chemistry to chemistry. Like perfume. I took courses and wrote a book on the subject (In the beginning was the fragranceSkyra 2016, so). My mother was in the perfume business if she hadn’t gotten pregnant when she was little. Our family was poor, having a booth in Viggio.”

Did you know how to make perfume?

“Yes, in recent years. It is a complex procedure. It approaches alchemy, which is a naive predecessor of alchemy, which is instead considered sacred. But the root of the two words is the same and means transformation. Even perfume starts from an idea and gives it materiality ».

for example?

He takes out a bottle with a seemingly literal sign on it and the phrase “Terroni”: “The idea here is to understand the makeup of the South through our sense of smell,” he continues earnestly. “It is basically a procedure close to poetry: you use gems instead of words. The medium that transports them to the brain is different: the nose. Smell is a neglected sense, and instead it is very important in the relationship with the world. Ignoring it can be dangerous. The stench indicates an error.

What else does he learn?

“I recently started playing the guitar. A very dear and wonderful person close to me offered me to start a course. Having devoted almost my entire life to poetry, which is music and mathematics, it seemed to me that it was time to get attached to music. I study musical scales. You know, I want to be an international rock star, but I can’t. They were removing Buckley Law from me,” this time ironically certainly, but always without a smile.

He just published his sonnets in the magazine “Poesia” founded and directed by Nicola Crosetti, and in September in the white series Einaudi. Crosetti has probably been your most devoted editor since Milo de Angelis discovered his talent, right?

“If we weren’t both heterosexual, I would have asked Krusty to marry me. Knowing him is one of the gifts my life has given me,” he finally left with a short laugh. “the address, Sonnets of Quartz Day, is an expression taken from the poem Milo de Angelis. But before him, I had already discovered Silvio Raffo, the greatest Italian translator of Emily Dickinson. And then I was able to introduce myself by Nani Ballestrini, the leader of Group 63 and my most important teacher.”

And who discovered?

“I discovered many authors, and they are now popular. I must say that there are more women than men. It happens that texts arrive that deserve to be taken into account and are nice to promote.”

Writing, music and the sea: what are you missing?

“Life is the constant lack of something. It is precisely because something is missing. In 1966, a year before I was born, I lacked nothing, right? There will come a time when I will not miss anything anymore. But it is the lack that keeps us here ».

Fifteen years ago, I wrote “My name is Roberta, I’m 40, I earn 250 euros a month”: a prophetic text for today’s generations.

“With the managing editor of Liberazione, while I was working at that newspaper, we realized that there was a boom underway, and that the world was disappearing, save for a few franchisees. This was the first book on insecurity, when resilience was not seen as a new form of work. Of course, for those with rich families, the transition to flexibility isn’t tragic. But as Mark Fisher wrote in capitalist realism: Humanity will end, and capitalism will not.”

Isn’t that too pessimistic?

“What does it mean to be an optimist?”

Cultivate some hope, perhaps?

“In his last interview with Enzo Biagi, Pier Paolo Pasolini said: The word hope has been completely omitted from my vocabulary. Not having hope is the best way not to be disappointed: it is a form of wisdom, Schopenhauer argued. Today I do not know if there can be Pasolini. He may have had a blog that is under constant censorship.”

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