Internet Explorer is dead, perhaps

today, June 15, 2022After a long torment, he died internet browserthe first browser created by MicrosoftIn the 1995to compete with the then emerging browser market leader: Netscape Navigator. Those were timesThe first browser war“(IE Vs Navigator), which then followed”The second browser war(IE Vs Chrome, Mozilla, Opera, and Safari).

It all looks like today piece of history Indeed, it has been nearly thirty years since Internet Explorer was born and nearly ten years since its latest version, Internet Explorer 11 (IE11), which is exactly the version that is retired today by closing it forever (or nearly) a chapter in technology history. a important chapterthrough thick and thin, that ends today: For some time now, Microsoft has chosen to focus everything on Edge (which is based on the open source code of Chromium) and continues to develop the new browser. But what is changing for those who still use Internet Explorer and What will happenStarting from today?

IE11: End of Support

The end of Internet Explorer is, in fact, a file End of support from Microsoft: Practically as of today, Microsoft is no longer responsible in any way for any problem, glitch, or defect in Internet Explorer.

So tomorrow a hacker If you find a vulnerability in this browser, Microsoft will not hire an engineer to fix it. if it was user Whoever still uses Internet Explorer will need help, they will have no way of getting it.

It was all Announced in May 2021 It is quite logical: IE was born in 1995basically passed away in 2013 with the latest version developed, and is now around the age of 10 Practically unusable. Perhaps the support for this application provided by Microsoft so far has been excessive, but due to the fact that Internet Explorer, which is integrated into Windows, has been widespread and widely used for a long time.

IE11: What’s up now

Starting today, anyone who tries to open the Internet Explorer app on Windows is automatically redirected to a file edge. Basically so IE11 can no longer be opened. But, and this is a bit paradoxical, we probably won’t be able to completely uninstall Internet Explorer For another 7 years.

This is because, at least according to Microsoft’s current plans, IE mode by EdgeThis is the new browser’s backward compatibility mode with the old one, needed to support legacy websites and legacy corporate networks, and is basically a part of Edge that emulates IE11.

To make Edge’s IE mode work, some Internet Explorer files must still be installed on your computer. In short: Internet Explorer is deadBut we’ll have to keep the body in the house for a long time before we give him the funeral.

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