It looks like Kirill – time

Democratic Party Secretary Enrico Letta intervenes in Dimartido, the la7 program run by Giovanni Flores, and is “welcomed” by the conductor with the words of Georgia Meloni in Spain. The FdI leader spoke in Marbella in support of the Vox candidate for Andalusia: “Yes to the normal family, no to the LGBT lobby, no to the ideology of submission.” Flores on Tuesday, June 14th episode broadcasts the video and asks Chief Demi what he thinks. “I believe all evil is possible,” Lita replied, eliciting the “friend” living room applause.

Part of the PD mud on the Meloni River.  Thunders at the secretary: What does Lita say?

Deem makes it clear that he does not share anything of what Meloni said, “From the tones to the contents. And the inconsistencies. The LGBT lobby? In a country like ours where there is a lack of rights, he talks about a lobby… . ” from Zan Ddl on homophobia. The Democratic Party secretary collects applause, and Flores stomps his hand emphasizing what he sees as a “paradox”: Meloni’s meeting “looks like a letter from Kirill,” says the church leader, referring to the head of the Russian Orthodox Church, a loyal ally of President Vladimir Putin.

Fascism and Russian Finance, Marking Democracy on Meloni.  The reply is commendable

Regarding the war in Ukraine specifically, Letta and Meloni have the same position: “Republicans and Democrats in America too” think the same way, explains the Democrat who asserts that on big issues “the big parties of the right and the left should take care of the country” and bipartisan rapprochement. For Pd and FdI regarding weapons is a ‘positive element’.

Center right, Tajani digs into Meloni: premiere?  Mattarella decides that

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