Italy, now who to start over? From Gnonto to Udogie, here’s who to bet on

Nations League matches have shown that growing talent is also being hunted in the second division, and Mancini wants to insist on this path to achieving the 2026 World Cup.

In the first three games of The League of Nations (in the past much less) Young woman Italia From the new session Roberto Mancini He showed that the path of renewal is the right path and that the dream of trying to win it Globalism In which the national team failed to qualify for two consecutive editions in the United States, Canada and Mexico in 2026, could become a tangible goal as well. Despite the Scoppola taken by Germany, it seems clear that the enthusiasm of the youth and the courage of the coach are the points from which we must start again and that the Italy of tomorrow must already be built today, giving confidence to those who need time. To deviate.

Ramsey in this sense is the goal he scores Wilfried Gontowho, despite not having played a single minute in Serie A, became the youngest blue scorer in history (18 years, 7 months and 9 days), breaking a steadfast record for 64 years and after these matches became a candidate to become a pillar of the new blue cycle . The Zurich striker thus becomes the symbolic face of tomorrow’s national team, but the report cards are also more than good for all the other rookies in one week (many of which come from the second division). So where should we start again when the coach also finds in September some European champions left to rest in recent games?

Goalkeepers: Gigio Certainty, Vicario and Carnicki for the second round The best player in Euro 2020 is confirmed. 23 years old and nearly 50 appearances in the blue jersey, Gianluigi Donnarumma is expected to be a constant presence in the national team for many years to come. He is currently succeeded by Meret and Cragno (Sirigo will not be called anymore), but they are scratching Guglielmo Vicario and Marco KarnickiBoth were called up to the stage at the end of May after excellent seasons playing with Empoli and Cremonese.

Defenders: Captain Bonucci, what’s too much left – To help young people grow, experience is needed and Captain Bonucci will be very important from September onwards. By his side will be Bastoni, but the future is Federico Gatti (Juventus) and Giorgio Scalvini (Atalanta), which Mancini spends great praise these days. To stay in Atlanta, also pay attention to Matthew Lovatowho made his bones in Cagliari, and Caleb Okolifresh from an excellent season with Cremonese, while the 1997 season is already ready Louis Philip, who appeared for the first time in the unfortunate match against Germany. On the right so far, the owner is Di Lorenzo and his deputy is Calabria, but the coach has shown that he does not fully believe in the Rossoneri and the seasonal surprise was Raul Bellanova, which also ended up in the Inter scenes. A rather big bounty on the left as Spinazzola has reclaimed his place after a long injury: Federico DeMarco He’s impressed well in these races, but they’re trampling behind him Udogie’s fateWho after the excellent season in Udine, like all the big names, is a Juventus player Luca PellegriniAnd the Fabiano Baresi Empoli and Andrea Cambiasso Genoa.

Midfield: Verratti, captain. Make way for Tonali-Frattesi waiting for Zaniolo The midfield is the department that is unlikely to revolutionize because the new generation is already very much here: apart from the 30-year-old Verratti, who Mancini has already indicated as the captain of the next European qualifiers, Niccol Barilla, Lorenzo Pellegrini and Matteo Pessina, Manuel Locatelli and Sandro Tonali are under 26 and all belong to high-profile teams. Waiting for her final appearance between them Zanioloin the short term, the most important nouns that can be contained are nouns David Frattisi And the Tommaso BubigaWhile in the future pay attention to the Juventus players Fabio Merettiborn 2003 which Allegri compared to Marchisio, e Niccolo Fagioliamong the architects to promote the Cremonese, in addition to of course Salvatore Espositowho has already appeared for the first time in the blue of the second division.

Attackers: Konnto the surprise, Scamaka the only certainty The national team misses goals and the fact that Mancini’s top scorer is Nicolo Parilla says a lot. While waiting to return to Kiza Square, the big surprise in the past few races was from outside Wilfried Gontobut it also popped up Alessio Zerbin, born in 1999 owned by Naples, the protagonist is a beautiful season in Frosinone. Berardi is not in question, Raspadori could play as a winger and as a striker, while Insigne, Bernardeschi and perhaps even Politano would leave room for various players. Gianluca Capari which has already begun, Emmanuel Vignato (Bologna) and Daniel Verdi (Spice), waiting for an explosion Ricardo Sutil (Fiorentina). Abundance is also in the role of central attacker: Immobile and Belotti are not quite convinced, so it is likely that he will start again from Gianluca Scamaca, who could wear big colors next season. behind the names Andrea Pinamonti Empoli, signed by the new Verona Roberto PiccoliFrom Sebastiano Esposito Basel and Lorenzo ColomboSpal striker on loan from Milan.

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