Julia Salmi, her mother Fariba ends up in the hospital: she’s sick again – photo

Julia Salmi’s mother fell ill again a few days later: Fariba Tehrani also posted a photo documenting her condition from the hospital. This is what happens to her.

.’s mother Julia SalmiFariba of Tehran, accustomed to his people fan To follow it everywhere. through Stories From InstagramShe documented every moment of her beach vacation with her family and friends. On June 12, he posted a short message in which he talked about a Serious illness It was during the night.

Milano and Fariba Iran on a family evening with her daughter Julia Salmi (photo on Instagram).

According to the explanation given by Julia Salmi’s mother, she has warmly revealed herself to someconditioning so cold. So he started feeling unwell and had a sudden change in temperature. Notwithstanding, he did not want to interrupt his evening, and had a large dinner with ice cream which only made the situation worse.

Julia Salmi’s mother ends up in hospital: How is she?

Overnight Fariba Tehrani He said he started sweating from the cold and had a fever. As the gods heard severe pain in the head and body. He did not explain the reasons, but from his story it seems that Julia Salmi’s mother, despite her severe illness, did not want to ask anyone for help.

Giulia Salmi and Pierpaolo Pritelli pose for a photo with Fhriba Tehrani (Source: Instagram).
Giulia Salmi and Pierpaolo Pritelli pose for a photo with Fhriba Tehrani (Source: Instagram).

At 10:30 the next morning, her friend Daniela He searched for him and became aware of the conditions Fariba was living in. Then I bring her me Drugs. Julia Salmi’s mother also showed herself in a live broadcast from her profile socialHe reassured all of his fans afterwards by saying that he was fine.

Silence and then the picture.. that’s what happens

June 14 is marked with Silence deafening Instagram. Giulia Salemi and Pierpaolo Pritelli, who also work influentialThey no longer share it nothing on me social, except for a brief sponsorship that may be registered before. And suddenly, it was Vhriba Tehrani who explained what happened to the photo.

The message I left on Instagram by Fhariba Tehrani on June 12.
The message I left on Instagram by Fhariba Tehrani on June 12.

Fariba Tehrani appeared in Photograph A bit out of focus and moving. It seems that Julia Salmi’s mother has filmed herself inside a hospital. It’s perfect fake: That would rule it out at his home. for him fan club She asked not to be contacted, explaining that she was fine now but needed peace of mind for her to recover.

Here it is Photo Posted by Julia Salmi’s mother, who worried her parents fan:

Disturbing photo: Vhariba Tehrani appears in hospital carrying IV tissue (Source: Instagram).
Disturbing photo: Fhariba Tehrani appears in hospital (Source: Instagram).

here the beautiful sincerity Written by Fhariba Tehrani to his daughter Julia Salmi in the commentary on the video below:Having a daughter like you is the biggest achievement of my life. Thank you mom love“.

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