Lukaku, Inter are ready to pay the loan and there is a Dumfries card: the scenario

More than just a glimmer. Since last night Romelu Lukaku had a better chance of returning to Inter: the scenario between loan and Dumfries card

More than just a glimmer. Since last night, Romelu lukaku He has a better chance of returning to Inter. The parties are in constant contact and now we enter the crucial ten days on the Milan-London axis to try to close the process and review the Big Rom in Appiano Gentile available to Simon Inzaghi. talking about that day Gazzetta dello sport in detail.

Romelu Lukaku and FC Internazionale, the utopia story that came true. A comeback seemed impossible, and instead, a real possibility was realized: the ups and downs of the market made the Nerazzurri and the Belgian striker truly skip. […] After days of uncertainty and sporadic assessments Chelsea’s opening came on loanAnd the fact that it’s not free no longer frightens the Nerazzurri. but at the same time, The English club has also expressed an interest in a player from the Inzag club: Denzel Dumfries, the Dutch squad, who have the race and physique to make a great impression even in the English Premier League. In theory, two processes, the process of leaving Rome and entering Dumfries, would be completely separate, but in practice, they run on parallel paths. And here, at this juncture, the parts in the comedy are interrupted: nevertheless, the stillness is evident only because the phones ring behind the scenes and a lot”We read the rosary.

For now, the distance on the Milan-London axis is in Big Rom loan ratings and the Dumfries brand, but the parties are constantly working to get closer, as the Rosary notes:The problem is the assessment of the loan and the value that the English give Dumfries: about 25 million, which is too little for Inter. Who wants, yes, to return the Belgian prodigal son to Milan, but does not intend to offer the silverware for sale. Localized, there are no deductions, about forty million are needed and this would allow the entire practice to be unblocked. It is true that the London company has one official An annual amortization fee of 24 million, but the first talks made it clear that the new US drug would settle on a much smaller figureEspecially if he was going to put on the right wing at the same time. In any case, The Nerazzurri is now ready to take a decisive step and pay the loan to Chelsea: How much this number is and how much it will depend on the success of the Dumfries deal will be understood in a very short time. Next week will be crucial To remove some of the fog still surrounding the process: either a final acceleration, with the consequent landing of the Belgian in Milan as a victory, or the end of Romelu’s dream.

In any case, Will not exceed June 30 to ensure that Lukaku can continue to enjoy the benefits of the growth decree (50% off tax). With this help, Inter can give 7 million net worth, just over 10 total: a salary that is halved compared to last season, but this would completely satisfy the player.‘, has been read.

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