Luxury bathrobes from Vittoria and Leon “Viragnese” stirred controversy

Vittoria and Leon “Virignese” It’s small but can really boast a dream wardrobe. After all with two parents like Chiara Ferragni and Videz It couldn’t be otherwise. If you can then brag about “aunt” like Donatella Versace The fashion path has been cleared.

exclusive gift

Leon and Vittoria Lucia Ferragni Ferrignese show off their signature Versace bathrobes
Baby Veraganese on the sofa at home

Chiara Ferragni and Videz Publish their children’s daily moments: School Lionin the morning in the garden win overLunch with friends, holidays. The children in the photos are always happy and … elegantly dressed. Although the fashion girl at the Ferragnez house is mother Chiara, this time the influencer’s husband is the one who reveals the details of a new gift the little ones have received Vergnese. “Thank you Aunt Donatella,” we read in a series of stories. Donatella in question of the title before Versace He is a dear friend of the family. The rapper also chose the house to reveal the first letter of his daughter’s name in San Remo.

The designer sent kids Robin Bath from the brand. pink color for win overand light blue for Lion Personalize the back using your own names for both. Notable children lay on the sofa, also holding in their hands a travel mug, also signed by the Medusa brand, while Dad Federico shot wildly.

Inevitable disagreements

Leon and Vittoria Lucia Ferragni Ferrignese show off their signature Versace bathrobes
The little ones show the designer costume

The relationship between Vergnese and Donatella Versace It’s too narrow. The trio not only collaborate together on business projects, but also foster a deep mutual respect (Watch Vittoria play pranks at the designer’s house). What appeared to be a kind gesture from Aunt Latifah sparked controversy. As usual with everything around the waist Fedez and Chiara Ferragni, Even on this occasion there are those who raised their noses. The anger revolves mainly around the cost of the products (410 euros for a bathrobe and 850 euros for a cup) but not only.

They cost more than my house – people compliment them but in the meantime they grow up poorly, spoiled – a slap in the face of poverty – pink for the girl and blue for the boy? Enough of these gender stereotypes, shame! Followers’ comments did not come for long. think about it Chiara Ferragni To end the hassle by posting a meme where win overWith a cunning face he drinks “Tears of My Enemies” straight from the signed and shining chalice. Because revenge must be served… in a luxurious cup Versace!

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