Macron: “Kyiv must negotiate with Moscow, and the European Union will be there.” Gas, Gazprom contacts Eni to reduce flows by 15% – direct coverage

The Kremlin confirms the phone call with Xi Putin

Russian presidential spokesman, Dmitriy PeskovConfirmed to the agency RIA Novosti That there was a phone call between the two of them and added that the details of the conversation will be revealed in a call from Kremlin.

Zelensky: “The Russian invasion is a step towards other countries”

“As in the past, the Russian invasion of Ukraine is the first step that the Russian leadership needs to open the way for other countries, to conquer other peoples.” The Ukrainian president said that Volodymyr Zelenskyspeaking on the video link of the Parliament of the Czech Republic, citing BBC. Then the Kyiv leader asked the European Union to tighten sanctions against Moscow and support the path of Ukraine’s accession to the European Union.

Xi to Putin: “We need a responsible solution”

there China He always assessed the Ukrainian issue from a historical point of view and “from right and wrong, expressing independent judgments and strengthening world peace and stability of the world economic system.” president Xi Jinpingin a telephone conversation with her Russian counterpart in the afternoon Russian President Vladimir PutinHe pointed out that “all parties must pay in one direction.” Suitable solution of the crisis in Ukraine responsiblyAccording to the official media report, Xi added that China is “ready to continue to play its own role Function in this meaning”.

Kyiv: “skeptical about Macron’s visit to Shultz-Draghi”

Ukrainians are “skeptical” of his visit Olaf SchulzAnd the Mario Draghi And the Emmanuel Macron In Kyiv, fear that the West wants to return to pressure for a peace treaty with Russia. This is what the newspaper Bild wrote on the Internet, who spoke with the military adviser to President Zelensky, Oleksiy Aristovich: “I am afraid that they will try to get to Minsk III,” he said. They will say we must end this war which is causing food and economic problems. They will say that both Russians and Ukrainians are dying, that we have to save Putin’s face, that the Russians have made a mistake, and we have to forgive them. ”

EU: “At the moment there is no danger from the energy supply”

“There is currently no indication of risks to the energy supply.” he said that Tim McVeigha spokesperson for the European Union Commission, in response to a question about the possible effects of the gas cuts announced by Gazprom yesterday on Nord Stream 1 and today on flows to Eni

Beijing: “Phone call between Xi and Putin”

president Xi Jinping He had a phone conversation with his Russian counterpart Russian President Vladimir Putin. This was reported by China’s state broadcaster CCTV.

Stoltenberg: “Putin’s goals go beyond Ukraine”

“Goals put it in transcendUkraine, as clearly stated in the so-called security treaties he proposed to the United States and NATO in December of last year. In January, we had a meeting here at NATO where we sat down with Russia and gave our answers to those proposed by Russia.” The NATO Secretary General said: Jens Stoltenberg, at a press conference at the Ministry of Defense of the Alliance. “In these proposals, of course, they threatened Ukraine, but they also fell into the trap of saying that there should be no further expansion of NATO, and they also wanted NATO to agree to remove all forces and infrastructure from NATO allies that joined after 1997. We accepted this, we had violated the principle that all countries can choose their own path, including Finland. So obviously we did not accept those proposals. But it makes clear that Putin’s goals go beyond Ukraine, which is why we need to support Ukraine as we do, but also Strengthening other types of defense.”

IKEA to sell factories in Russia

IKEA will sell all four factories in Russia. This was reported by the Russian Agency tax Quoted from the same Swedish company.

Gazprom to Eni: “15% decrease in flows”

Eni has received limited calls limit flows from its Russian supplier in connection with the supply of gas to Italy. Eni will continue to monitor the development of the situation and will inform any updates. ” It can be read on the internal information platform (point) to monitor the powers of the Director of Energy Markets. Eni spokesperson, consultedDealing“confirms that Gazprom has reported a limited reduction in gas supplies for the current day, equivalent to approximately 15%. The reasons for this decrease have not been reported at the moment.”

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