Many ignore it, but a few drops of these products will be enough to prevent the tick problem and perfume the house

Summer is the best time to enjoy our outdoor space. We can nap in a hammock, have a great barbecue, and welcome relatives and friends under a pergola covered with roses.

But we also know that with high temperatures, small insects can inundate the garden and home. We think of the mosquitoes that disturb our sleep with their buzzing and stinging. Flies, as they can carry elements harmful to human health. But also wasps, whose bites cause severe pain and can cause allergic reactions.

The danger of these insects

But during the summer season other small and very dangerous insects can arrive. We are talking about the tick, which has a dark color and is small in size. They have the ability to attack humans and animals. Usually, their bites do not cause serious problems, but in some cases they can develop a disturbing allergy.

After a tick bite, we pay attention to some symptoms such as fever, nausea, redness of the affected part. In these cases, it is essential to seek immediate medical attention.

Many ignore it, but a few drops of these products will be enough to prevent the tick problem and perfume the house

Ticks live in environments with a lot of plants, in fact we must pay close attention to gardens and forests as well as to our garden.

To eliminate the problem of ticks, we must use certain products, but we can also resort to natural remedies. These have the ability to prevent the problem.

To prevent the invasion of these parasites it is necessary to provide good maintenance of the garden. We weed and clean the kennel regularly for our four-legged animals.

Also, there are some natural products that can prevent the problem. For example, essential oils of neem, lemon and mint can help us. Their strong smell is not very popular with ticks. We can dilute a few drops of essential oil in water and wash the floor of the house and the door. This way, not only will the tick move away, but we will also be fragrant the entire house.

Many ignore it, but a few drops will be enough to help us prevent the problem. Of course, remember that these are only natural remedies (a simple tip from Grandma) and that they do not permanently eliminate the problem and tick infestation.

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