Men and Women, Destroyed by Gemma Galgani: The touching dedication to…

Gemma Galgani on Instagram posted a really touching video dedicated to her big cat. The cat went remembering him with a video broadcast by Maria de Filippi especially for her during the episode Men and Women and then … Here is the dedication of the Lady of Turin …

It’s time for deep nostalgia Gemma Galgani The undisputed protagonist of Throne on the throne of men and women. And she wanted to share a particularly emotional and painful moment with her followers. a I remember Which will remain forever in his heart and mind indelible.

Talk about someone who has love deeplywho traveled by her side an important part of his life, giving her so much without asking for anything in return.

Are we talking about a man? From the male character, from a Fiancea companion who took the Lady of Turin by the hand to live with her joys and sorrows, carefree moments and moments of difficulty, smiling with her and crying with her, would he hope and see expectations rise in smoke?

No, we’re not talking about a Knight

Men and women: Gemma remembers her cat

We’re talking about a “furry” friend, his lover Kitty. To which Gemma has dedicated a really touching post, she suggests a video Maria de Filippi It was broadcast during an episode of his show.

Lots of pictures of his all-gray cat, since he was cub When he got older, when he put himself in his bag so as not to let go of it, when he sat quietly in his arms or on his computer keyboard.

jewel I felt the whole time they were together Mom and considered it Son which he did not have. Letting him go, giving up on him was a pain Which is not explained. Here is the video he posted on Instagram…

It’s hard to accept that life is like that. It’s hard to understand, and sometimes I can’t. I met you in a dream and prepared everything for meaning. Because I still need you, but I let you go now. And how much good I want from you and that you loved me every day… You gave me everything for nothing. Nothing you ever wanted. And she taught me a little bit every day.

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