Men and women, Ida Platano looks like this after death “messages” on social photos

In the past few days, Ida Platano has been showing off on social media some of the messages that haters have sent her: Here’s how she responded.

in the last days Ida Platano She wanted to let fans know about what had happened to her recently. Unfortunately, situations of this kind happen quite often, in which users with fake profiles comment on the accounts of other people, especially celebrities or celebrities on the web. But it shows the lady of men and women Tired of all the unprovoked crimes and unprovoked attackshe didn’t take it anymore and I wanted to post some messages – via social media.

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Leaving everyone speechless was in particular the message of a hater, who, specifically with a fake profile, went so far as to wish Ida Platano dead. Which lady wanted to reply directly to this profile through Instagram stories, but give it some punch. She also introduced herself later on social media?

Men and women, Ida introduces herself on social media after death ‘messages’

After denouncing what happened to her on social media, and after displaying the messages that were the protagonist of the novel, the lady of men and women in the past hours showed herself with a smile as usual. Positive and bright, she wished the fans a happy day. And in the past few hours, she has shown new “arrivals” such as feathered sandals and elegant earrings.

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A few days ago, however, he shared a post on his Instagram account where he showed himself in a costume in perfect physique. The sentence accompanying the post appears to be specifically mentioned in relation to the most recent incidents related to the letters and the crimes of the haters: “Be yourself and say how you feel, because those who care don’t care and don’t care“.

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