Milan closes with a strong shield of the European Central Bank. Spread Bottom – Economy

The spread between Italian BTPs and the 10-year German Bund decreased at 216.5 points, compared to 241 points recorded yesterday at the end of the session. The Italian annual return fell 36.4 points to 3.799%, compared to 11.1 points lower in Germany and 16.6 points lower in France.

All went well in Piazza Avary, better than in the rest of Europe, where the Queen was on the day the extraordinary Council of the European Central Bank decided to develop an anti-proliferation shield. The Ftse Mib Index rose 2.87% to 22,473 points, doubling other listings on the Old Continent. Trading recovers to more than 2.4 billion euros in trading volume, more than on the eve (2.06 billion), but less than last Friday (3.36 billion). With lower yields, which translates to higher value in the portfolio of banks and insurance companies, the securities for the sector have literally moved, from Fineco (+6.73%) to Intesa (+4.6%), from Unicredit (+3.74%) to Bper (+3.93). %), Banco Bpm (+3.43%) and Generali (+ 4.06%). The Automotive segment also fared well from Pirelli (+4.93%). which recovered from a slip the day before, Ferrari (+3.29%) and Stellants (+2.82%). Iveco (+4.53%) and Campari (+4.43%) fared better, following the optimism caused by the ECB’s decision. A few minus signs, limited to Saipem (-5.41%) and Tenaris (-2.98%), correlated with crude oil prices (Wti -1.97% at $116.93 a barrel), after an unexpected rise in US weekly inventories of 1.95 billion barrels, expected to fall By 1.31 billion. On the other hand, Eni was not affected by (+0.64%), unlike the rest of the sector in Europe, which announced its commitment to increasing gas imports from other countries after the 15% reduction announced by Russia’s Gazprom. Italgas has done well (+1.21%), presenting the strategic plan 2022-2028 with investments of 8.6 billion.

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