“Milan, Messias is loyal. On the right the Saelemaekers can be the sacrifice”


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Manuel Biocini, speaking live on Sky Sports 24, recounted the latest news on the transfer market in Milan, with a special focus on the attacking right wing: “Milan replaced Messi. The Rossoneri had to make an assessment of the market and given that he is trying to make a big progress In the right wing, and perhaps a lot of money is allocated to him, with a budget of 25-30 million euros: these are the numbers when we talk about De Ketelaere, Berardi, Raspadori, etc. So Messias’ ransom is the player’s “safely used” ransom at an affordable price. Milan in the end also managed to get a discount from Crotone, from 5.5 million agreed last summer with a burdensome loan of 1.5 million, amounting to 4.5 million euros. The assessments were made: at the moment there is a suitable Messias striker, Milan we assume will pay in the flank Right. If an interesting offer arrives for the Saelemaekers at this point, it may be him, as well as Castillejo who will be sold.”

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