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Towards the end of May at NASA Headquarters there were moments of panic and terror. the reason? Fragment collided with an asteroid James Webb Telescope. This clash could have caused someone to misalign themselves 18 beryllium mirrors from the instrument. The effect was real and resounding. If you’re thinking of hitting a sci-fi movie, you’re wrong, the damage to the body isn’t as bad as you might imagine.

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According to scientists, the telescope would still have been fully operational and the space program remained 100% unchanged. How did you withstand the collision? The answer is simple, well invested in building the machine 10 billion eurosTherefore, every possibility of this kind was foreseen from the start. Among the latest generation of materials used and studied before they were used, James Webb was prepared and accustomed to such situations.

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Among the various functions, the telescope can also search for any of them life forms in the universe. Maybe Fifth Effect of which the object was a victim. NASA predicted the device’s deterioration even if engineers thought of systems so complex that they completely eliminated any distortions. According to experts, the recent collision generated more force than any test ever conducted on Earth. These situations are inevitable, but a team of engineers is now working on new solutions to exploit in the future.

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