Nations League, Russia beat Hungary 4-0 in England

Hungary is at the top of the Blues group in the Nations League: a double for Sly, Nagy and Gazdag scored. In the Netherlands, Noah Lang scored a goal against Wales, which Milan liked

There is little Italy that can party tonight, because she is living a dream. The company has a historical figure, for opponent and result: Marco Rossi demolished Hungary England at Molyneux at Wolverhampton, with a stunning 0-4 score. In group A3, which also includes Germany and Italy, the Hungarians were well deservedly ahead four days later, who seemed to have entered the drawing of the lottery. After opening the match in the first half, the guests patiently waited for the English to break their balance in search of an equaliser. A scenario that happened on schedule in the last twenty minutes, when Siham Rossi was able to take advantage of spaces to hit three more times.

England and Hungary 0-4

Southgate fired from the first minute the only player not to collect minutes in the Nations League, Conor Gallagher, while Rossi relies on the usual symbolic striker: to support Adam Salai there are Szoboszlai and Sly. It was the latter who gave Hungary the lead in the 16th minute, in developing a free kick. He collected the bank, stood his thigh and turned everything around in quick succession. The situation could have gotten much worse, had it not been for James who saved Zubuszlai’s cross from an inactive ball on the line. England are shaken, Bellingham tries to put the opposing rearguard in difficulty with some ideas, but the biggest danger comes randomly. Indeed, in the 36th minute, Urban hit a cross from the left with his head, but he found Debusses reticent and pushed it into a corner. Southgate sent Sterling, Mount and Foden, but Hungary scored a resounding double. The English defense is rough on the initiative of Martin Adam, who then succumbed to a hasty Sly who was not mistaken against Ramsdale until this time (70). The answer comes with Kane’s head, printed on the crossbar with Dibusz hitting, but it’s an illusion. At 80′ Adam collects a ball in the center of the area, and Zolt sends Nagy back which leaves an unstoppable shot at the near post. England’s nightmare night wasn’t over, because two minutes later Stones was sent off for a double yellow card, even if the second yellow was completely non-existent. Someone started leaving the Molineux stands and the others would do well too: at the 89 minute replay of the Hungarians’ writers, Gazdag fired deep past Ramsdale with a gentle touch below.

Lots of Italian League

Turkey remains the best statistical team in the Nations League with 14 goals and has not conceded anything. The two are made in Lithuania and have Ayhan and Calhanoglu’s signature on a penalty kick; Under is the protagonist in all actions, assisting and getting a penalty kick, another foul always stems from his initiative. The return and rebound matches between Bosnia and Finland, but the home team led by Edin Dzeko wins. The Inter striker is the best on the field in terms of separation: first he gets the penalty that Pjanic defeated, and then he scores the two goals that decide the final 3-2. The first goal, however, was the subject of a review of about three minutes, to check the departure of Dzeko who was initially judged to be irregular. The Netherlands, led by de Ligt, defeated Wales. The opening goal by Noa Lang was remarkable, which Milan likes, who scrape a series of feints from two defenders before putting on the opposing goalkeeper; 3-2 the end result. Although it was less than one match lower, like Scotland, Ukraine asserted itself as the only group leader in Group B1: in ód, Poland, they finished 1-1 with Ireland. Some concern for Atalanta due to the injury suffered by Malinowski, who was forced out in the first half due to a problem with his team after facing the match. Romania collapses at home with Montenegro (0-3), with a slight regret: less than two goals, Pushka shortens the distance, but his departure is considered by the assistant irregular. The situation is at the limit, where there will never be a definitive answer because due to technical problems in Var for the entire second half, the lines cannot be drawn. In other matches, Belgium beat Poland 0-1 in a match that had many chances of recovery. 2-2 between Luxembourg and the Faroe Islands, Latvia’s success at the Liechtenstein Stadium fell from Gottkowskis. Scotland poker in Armenia (1-4), while Moldova beat Andorra 2-1.

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