“No sex before marriage. Chastity is allied with love. What does the new Vatican document say that sparks debate

“Only when love is chaste is it truly love. Chastity is a condition for the true growth of personal love.” This is what we read in the document Christian education paths for married life From Dicastery for the laity, which at some points relaunch the words of Pope Francis in his book Amoris Laetitia. The text acknowledges, at a certain point, that the principles it recommends, especially on the topic of chastity, “contradict the common mindset”. However, we read in a passage from Christians, “Chastity must be presented as a true ally of love, and not as a denial of it. It is the distinctive way of learning to respect the individuality and dignity of the other, without subjugating him to one’s desires. Then he teaches the ways and times of true love ».

The topic of sexuality was re-launched several times, and the need for emotional education for young children was also emphasized, which should not be limited to “the horizon of love alone. Court touts Romantic love is considered in the dominant cultural interpretation.” The Vatican document is aimed above all at couples, and in one passage it is also indicated that “separation may sometimes become morally necessary.” This should be the case, for example, “when it comes to rescue the weaker spouse, or young children, from the most serious wounds of bullying and violence, humiliation and exploitation, eccentricity and indifference.” But the text specifies only “as a last resort after all other reasonable attempts have proven in vain.”

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