Onotri (Smi): “Equal Opportunity and Protection for Physicians, Initiated Survey on Regional Medicine Reform”

June 15

“The Covid-19 pandemic has caused serious health, economic and social problems around the world; the health emergency has increased the fragility of our NHS, highlighting lack of facilities and staff and regional heterogeneity. Today’s debate in the chamber of MPs on regional health care proposals, we hope To also take into account gender disparities in the medical profession to respond to the demand of female physicians who make up the majority of this category. We are launching a survey targeting all physicians and patients asking what they think of regional medicine reform and the role of the community,” like this Bina OnotriGeneral Secretary of the Italian Medical Association.

“In order to equal opportunities, we asked the Minister of Health to expand the national certification system for gender equality to the general medicine sector under an agreement with the submission of an annual report on the ministry’s website. In this epidemic, women are doctors who pay the sum of the highest price. The right to work must be accompanied by the right In family and personal life.

“Reform of public medicine by Ministerial Decree 71 poses complex questions. Will communal homes be a real added value to regional medicine? Our verdict is that, in the way it was conceived, it will not improve the organization from an organizational point of view. The work of physicians, nor the services provided to citizens. Is it really believed? That a doctor with 1,500 responsible patients only works 15 hours a week? A time of the pandemic with unsustainable workloads, to the point that many colleagues have given up their jobs,” adds Onotri.

“Hopefully this House debate can decide, once and for all, that it is necessary to ensure the protection of general practitioners by providing prompt answers. It primarily requires recognition of accident at work, the right to leave, assisted maternity, and sick leave, and some measures in the field of disability support and alternatives for convenience, as well as ongoing equal-opportunity policies. Today’s discussion in Montecitorio puts the question again at the center of a medical policy agenda!”

June 15, 2022
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