Paola Di Benedetto and Rcomi are the new summer couple

Paparazzati in Milan wandering through the night and exchanging an intense and passionate kiss

Paula Warcomi (born in Mirco Manuel Martorana) met thanks to mutual friends. After some social interactions, a meeting at the disco and a group dinner, passion blossomed. She ended the romance with Federico Rossi about a year ago, he was looking for a soul mate. Things went between them quickly and the stolen shots showed a lot of complicity.

Di Benedetto is beautiful and sexy in a striped shirt and bare legs. Rkomi walks beside her smiling, when she noticed the paparazzi, she lifted her black T-shirt to cover her face and pull her sculpted abs. Then they come together for a passionate kiss with their eyes closed. Now there is no longer any doubt: they are the summer couple.

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