Pedulla – Inter, Lukaku – Dybala are in full swing: one closes within 72 hours

The two attackers are not mutually exclusive and approach the Nerazzurri: white smoke can come soon

Alfredo Pedulla, from Studies Sportitaliaassessing negotiations regarding Romelu Lukaku and Paulo Dybala, both of whom are sensationally close to Inter:For Lukaku the lawyer is doing an important job, who does not expect the two clubs to exist, there is a cold between Inter and Chelsea, Inter can not interfere with a straight leg, he sold Lukaku last summer for 115 million. After overcoming the hurdle of reducing Lukaku’s salary, he will receive 7.5 at Inter. We got to her heart. The 24 million that Chelsea would need to get the loan to avoid a bloodbath is suddenly 10, and the Inter 5 offer: everything indicates that we have entered the crucial stage of negotiations.

It could be closed tomorrow morning, tomorrow evening, by the end of the week, that’s not the point. The point is, Inter have come a long way for Dybala, and we stress that they are two operations that are not mutually exclusive. At the moment when Lautaro is inside Inter, today Inter seems destined to reject any offer, hence the market is long. Correa made a poll from Marseille completely dismissive, Dzeko may be at stake, but Inter first wants to close the first of the two operations within 72 hours, then the second could go to next week“.

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