PlayStation users petition to revoke Xbox exclusive over 1,500 signatures –

there petition It was opened by some PlayStation users a year ago now, starting with Jeff Group’s indiscretion, to the question Hideo Kojima From to delete Its Xbox exclusive has surpassed 1,500 signatures. At the time of writing, it has reached 1701, with a goal of exceeding 2500.

As you know, some are not happy with the fact that Kojima has announced a game that is exclusive to Xbox, funded by Microsoft, despite the fact that being cloud will allow you to play it without necessarily having to purchase an Xbox console or PC. They didn’t even take well the rumors that the petition arose that was talked about a lot online, but many are clearly ashamed to sign it, because who knows no success in all this time, despite a batch of days past. However, the fact that it collected nearly 2,000 signatures indicates this. At least someone seems to really believe in him.

The text by Fryn Way begins with a very strong accusation: “Kojima betrays his most loyal fan. He was blinded by greed. We have to help him get back to the winning side.“No, it’s not a parody. After inviting everyone to share the petition on social networks, the text continues:”Not everyone has a good enough connection to stream games. Not everyone has enough money to buy a new console or build a new PC. Kojima, please don’t leave us.

Other than the petition, whose existence alone is quite questionable, online reactions to the announcement of Kojima’s Xbox exclusive have been so heated that many felt betrayed for whatever reason.

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