Putin does not have spare parts for troops in Ukraine: they are all engaged in the long war front. And his old tanks are not enough’ | Analysis

On a sunny post-pandemic weekend, with beaches and malls pulling more than polls and geopolitical news, a statement from British Ministry of Defense Sunday 12 June in the Italian newspapers may not have had the echo it deserved, perhaps because it was written in a bureaucratic technical language typical of the military but difficult to understand outside of that world. Let’s try to re-read it now, in an understandable way, and analyze it because it can help us better understandwar path in Ukraine.

London stated that the Russian army was “scraping the bottom of the barrel” to deploy more troops over a very long period of time The front between Chernihiv – Where rocket and artillery attacks resumed – and Odessa. Usually any Russian military brigade It can generate two BTGs (We’ll get back to where they are in a bit) Once they are taken to the field, only those who remain in the barracks remain. They still have to train and their teachers. So, Putin is content with squeezing his army like a tube of toothpaste Young recruits without experience. Ministry technicians consider the new BTG units – perhaps thirty – to consist of employees and representatives Low combat power. Their deployment, among other things, will have a negative effect on the ability of their “mother” brigades, since they will not be able to quickly train those young men sent by the Kremlin to fight. In short, after these thirty – perhaps – Putin will have no more military personnel to send to fight for his plans in Ukraine.

But what is BTG? and the The basic cell of the army Russian in the offensive phase: in Italian it can be defined as a “ground military maneuvering unit with a high level of operational readiness”, but the acronym is English and sums up the expression “tactical group battalion”. It usually includes a battalion of mechanized infantry, with 2-4 companies (artillery, anti-aircraft, engineering, logistical support). In general, BTG . includes 600-800 between officers and soldiersIn addition to 10 tanks and 40 infantry fighting vehicles.

Russia has 168, according to the defense minister Shoigu. It has come in Ukraine to publish al 110 maxIt’s not that Putin can “disarm” the entire Russian Federation because of the war in Ukraine. Among other things, these forces were not “let down” for several months: between the false exercises first and the real war later, many did not return home For more than eight months. In short, they are exhausted. Among other things, it was often used in urban warfare, as in Mariupol and Severodonetsk, despite the fact that it performs better in the open field.

What is fought in the south and especially in eastern Ukraine can be called a technically advanced version of First World Warwith Hundreds of kilometers of trenches, ambushes in the forests for enemy forces and many engagements where you can exchange curses with the enemy from how close you are. But all this also happens with the use of Drones Satellites, spearMLaw and others Weapons of the twenty-first century And it clearly has a high personnel cost not only for the Ukrainians, but also and first of all for the Russians who are attacking: throwing the “green” troops into battle along with their trainers, Putin leads wrong move dictated by despair: this is how connective tissue is lost Ability to renew other BTGs. What’s more, he can only do it once: in practice, he kills a golden-lapping goose to take every last egg. London’s message to Kyiv, in this sense, is unequivocal: if you destroy the Russian BTG agreements, it is unlikely that others will arrive, at a sustainable time, to replace the Kremlin. Therefore, it also becomes superfluous to ask how many forces Moscow has used or is about to deploy in Ukraine: then, in practice, There will be no others.

Keep in mind that the Russian Federation has inherited front yards and cemeteries for chariots full of tanks and combat vehicles that – with a little repair – can still be used, albeit outdated. But to drive a tank it takes a goddess vectorNovice kids are not enough. Unfortunately for the Kremlin, Russia does not have cemeteries of (human) fighters from the Soviet wars who could return from the dead to replenish BTGs.

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