Redfall will please fans of the single player Arkane, for Pete Hines of Bethesda –

Redvale It was the focus of a lengthy and in-depth discussion during the expanded Xbox Game Show, with Bethesda’s Pete Haynes talking about the new game and ensuring that fans of the game single player corners They’ll still be satisfied, considering it fun even without the co-op multiplayer exploits.

Heinz House, SVP of Bethesda, stated that Redfall has an important gameplay element in co-op multiplayer, but that doesn’t end with this mode. According to him, fans of games like Dishonored, Prey and Deathloop will still be comfortable with Redfall’s single-player mode.

Haynes explained, “It’s a first-person shooter that can be played alone or with up to 4 players, so you can immediately think: Well, it’s not a single player game, it should be different.

Redfall, image from the game

Keep in mind that it’s obviously something different, but I think once you start playing with it and find out, you’ll understand that there are those. Arkan-style features Which fans love.”

Anyway, ‘If you like Play it alone and experience a great story In Arkane style, you can do just that in Redfall,” Hines concluded, adding that though, there are also things “that you weren’t able to do before in a typical Arkane game,” which is the ability to share the experience with other players. And “Discovering that everything together is more than the sum of its parts, once you harness the different abilities of different characters together.”

In short, according to Bethesda, it is a game with a double spirit, which can be appreciated both as a single player and as a multiplayer. Meanwhile, we saw a long gameplay video opening at Xbox & Bethesda Showcase 2022, last Sunday.

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