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Dear Baby, I too, like Professor Nava, studied medicine in my overcrowded years. In Bologna we were 1200 in the first year and only 600 reached the finish line. But many did not see a patient. I had a decent career, and as a junior I was able to meet many young medical professionals, almost all of whom had a high level of preparation, thanks in my opinion to the obligatory internship in the ward and also to the fact that they were able to learn from the patient’s bed. And not just in books as in my day. I saw my daughter’s course, and she was also a doctor, and she was nothing like me. The problem is not in the limited number, which guarantees the right of a certain choice from the very beginning, but in the fact that the number of specialists is not adequately planned. They seem to have filled the gap now. Hopefully it will take 4-5 years before we see the effects.

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Professor Nava’s message is here.

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