Stocks up after the ECB, spread down – the economy

European stock markets rejoice after the start of trading in the US starting in Milan (+3.45%), spurred by the European Central Bank’s intention to press ahead with a new anti-proliferation shield. The spread between German BTPs and bonds stands at 212 points, with the Italian annualized yield dropping 46.3 points to 3.699%. Madrid (+2.18%), Frankfurt (+1.9%), Paris (+1.85%) and London (+1.7%) also do well, while the US listings (Dow Jones +1.26%) and Nasdaq (+1.77%) appear to be It has already absorbed the Fed’s rate hike from 1 to 1.5% expected in the evening. Purchases reward the banking sector, from Italian Fineco (+7.55%), Intesa (+5.55%), Unicredit (+ 5.08%), Banco Bpm (+ 4.34%) and Bper (+4, 23%) to Commerzbank (+ 4.63%) ), Santander (+3.7%), SocGen (+3.59%), Hsbc (+2.96%) and Bnp (+2.64%). The auto sector is also highlighted by Renault (+4.58%) to Stylantis (+2.95%) and Ferrari (+2.49%), while the power sector suffers from Tenaris (-1.66%), Repsol (-1.15%), BP (-0.5%) TotalEnergies (-0.35%) and Shell (-0.25%) were affected by a drop in crude oil (Wti -0.82% at $118.09 per barrel). In contrast to Eni (+1.63%), Italgas was positive (+1.67%) which today presented its new strategic plan 2022-2028.

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