Summer 2022, Malpensa and Lynette are waiting for more than 18 million people –

From Leonard Burberry

Air travel and holidays: boom in national and Mediterranean routes, and apparent revival of flights with North America. The China node that remains closed due to the epidemic. Here are the forecasts of the sea

Milan Malpensa and Linate airports are preparing for a summer with values ​​very close to those that existed before Covid, even if important markets – such as China – are still off limits. This was stated by Armando Brunini, Managing Director of Sea (the company that operates Milan’s two airports) while introducing the La Feltrinelli store in Linate. According to Brunini, “Passenger traffic, like Sea in May, recorded a decrease of 13% while in June -9% compared to 2019 levels.” “For the summer we will be between 85 and 90% compared to pre-pandemic levels.”

Traffic estimates in Linate and Malpensa

In short, the sea expects “about 18-18.5 million passengers”Some days between July and August this should be even higher. National and Mediterranean destinations are leading the recovery and will do more in the coming weeks. But also “the United States – continues Bronini – sets a record compared to 2019. There are still restrictions in some parts of the world such as China, for example, but we hope that they will be removed there also soon.” However, the CEO emphasizes, “We are recording an important recovery, above expectations.. This winter, traffic is down 50% from pandemic levels. Then from March there was a sprint race. We are fast close to pre-pandemic data and good summer planning.”

Back to pre-Covid traffic

“It will take some time to break the tie because there is still no transcontinental traffic,” Brunini adds. “We hope that autumn will hold and that we will continue on this path. There was a suspicion that the epidemic could change people’s habits, but people want to act.” Also because, he continues, “six months ago our hypothesis was to return to pre-Covid 2024 levels. I feel I can confirm this number but with caution because predictions are becoming difficult to predict. I will wait this fall to understand if this return to growth has solidified or if there will be other external factors that could influence.”

private planes

It knows no crisis and, in fact, continues to break records in the general aviation sector – that is, private flights – between Linate and Malpensa. Sea Prime announced in a note that during the just-concluded Milan Design Week “more than 400,000 visitors have arrived in Milan for this prestigious international event, More than 1,100 commercial airline movements, with an average of 160 daily movements at stations operated by Milano Prime ». The number, he says, “represents a 75% increase compared to the same week in 2021, with two-thirds of international traffic. A record was also reached with more than 80 planes parked at night in Milan Prime Simultaneously on the aprons Linate and Malpensa Prime ».

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