Temptation Island, did it backfire on two editions of the last edition?

It has now been almost a year since the last release Temptation Island 9The reality of the strife that you are conducting Filippo BisigliaIt is currently being left on standby by Mediaset’s senior management. Fans of the program were especially excited about one of the spouses, who got on well, and then put an end to a long courtship, and went out separately. We are talking about Jessica Maccheroni and Alessandro Oterra.

Alexander And the Jessica They said goodbye after the man approached the manor Carlotta Addacher, Today linked Giulio Raselli. also Jessica Show interest in a temptation, David Basoloalthough she later chose to leave the reality show alone.

Over the months, the (former) couple has been at the center of the rumors multiple times. According to Web People, in fact, the two were posing together to take part in a reality show. In fact, their story was already over before it even landed temptation island. According to reports, the couple was only going to go through this experience to become a part of the TV world.

Claims anyway Alexander And the Jessica They always send to the sender. the two after temptation island They devoted themselves to their private and professional lives, declaring for a long time that they remained friends.

However, according to Deianira Marzano’s indiscretion, between Otera And Mascheroni there will be a convergence. The influencer posted a story in which they see each other Jessica and Alessandro Hand in hand at the concert Cesar Cremonini in San Siro.

Just two friends going to a prom together? It could be, but the story he posted later is the same Jessica She points out that there really are flashbacks with her ex-boyfriend:

If two people are meant to be together, no matter how many obstacles they encounter along the way, or how long it takes, they will always end up finding each other.

Jessica Maccheroni

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