The dataminer discovered Vyke’s cutting mission, is the kind on the cover –

As discovered by the data worker, in elden ring There was one Expedition for vickyThe character on the cover. Unfortunately it was cut. FromSoftware may have initially had other plans for him, but eventually moved him into the invasive additional manager role. Defeating him earns his shield and spear.

Vyke deserves the coverage, but he’s just an extra player in the game

Vyke has been one of the biggest puzzles in the game right from the start. Why put an insignificant figure on the cover? now I’m data miner They found the answer: a series of canceled missions revolving around him.

In Gostoc, there are many dubbed lines of dialogue that refer to Vyke herself. Unfortunately, there isn’t much material and no lines of text or dialogue have been found that belong to the actual mission, but its spawn point indicates that it could have been summoned to help the player face the boss in Stormveil Castle.

The mission would have included some dialogue options and would have offered various rewards, including unnamed items, that were also cut from the game. In the video posted above, you can also see Vyke’s face.
Unfortunately, it’s perfectly normal to cut out some content in video games, either to reduce production, or because in practice they don’t perform well on paper. What is certain is that in this case the cut fits perfectly, being the character of the cover.

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