The insurance company compensates her in the amount of 5.2 million euros

An exciting event whose hero was a woman, a man and an insurance company.

Being sexy is above all compensation The woman has been identified.


The facts unfolded like this. woman Exhausted intercourse in the car with the guy. Details of the two were not disclosed for obvious reasons. During such intercourse, the woman became infected with the human papilloma virus.

very high compensation

After discovering the disease, the woman requested compensation from the insurance company for the car owned by the man.


I got to court and the insurance company was forced to pay compensation of 5.2 million. Certainly an exciting case with few precedents. Let’s see what happened. woman from Missouri They even got $5.2 million in compensation for having sex Worn unprotected in the car of one of his former comrades. The court ruled that the insurance company Geico is required to pay maximum compensation. As part of the trial showing how the woman was A series of unprotected sex in his once partner’s car.

Sexual intercourse in the car

getting sick Inside the car covered by insurance, The insurance company, Geico was forced into excellent compensation. there Missouri Court I decided this important compensation for sure but the insurance company confirmed that they will take the case before another court. In fact, according to the insurance company, such a case is completely beyond its means Prevent damages and injuries of this kind. The fault in the transmission of the disease lies with the person who has consumed the unprotected relationship and the company cannot in any way prevent this situation.

Insurance liability

In any case Make up now and the woman in question will be able to enjoy a really important personality to compensate for the damage incurred. In any case, it is not excluded that the new court in which the insurance company will file the case will be The erotic sentence cannot be overturned. These facts raise the issue of the seriousness of casual sexual intercourse andThe importance of prevention in relation to serious diseases of the female sexual system. More attention should definitely be paid to these sensitive issues that often run the risk of being underestimated.

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