The journey from space to the surface of the planets will not be completely free –

Among the details appeared on starfield From interviews with Todd Howard and Pete Hines after the game was presented at the Xbox & Bethesda Showcase, other interesting details emerged regarding the Journey from space to the surface of the planets it looks like Don’t be completely free.

When making the infamous comparison with No Man’s Sky, one would think that the approach and landing phases on the planets occurred in “real time”, i.e. with control of the ship at each phase and thus the ability to dock freely anywhere while maintaining control at all phases of the approach , orbit and lander on the surface, but this does not appear to be the case.

Howard did not explain exactly how the procedure would be done, but said very clearly that the team found it unnecessary to make a prediction free transfer and seamless from space to planets, because doing it well and in a “realistic” way, as in the generally adopted style of Starfield science fiction, would have required a great deal of work.

“If you really invest a huge amount of time to master Parts of the breakHoward, who obviously doesn’t consider this important enough to require a lot of work, said, “As in such a landing part, you find yourself investing a lot of time in something that isn’t important to the player. It’s all great when you’re on the surface. And it’s great when you’re in space, and that these two realities are beautiful and play the best they can.”

Therefore, a completely free and “smooth” approach between space and planets would be missing, which is instead a staple in other space games like No Man’s Sky, possibly due to the difficulty of getting it to function properly in Starfield’s overall vision. However, it is unclear whether this limitation affects the ability land anywhere Or not: It appears as Howard said we only talk about the lack of a smooth transition between open space and planetary flight, but it is not certain that the latter, once some predetermined transition has been made, does not provide the freedom to explore the planet by ship and land wherever you want.

Among the other news that came out in these hours, we saw that Starfield has 1,000 planets but also the most content “hand-made” by Bethesda, as well as the fact that the main mission will last 30-40 hours, greater than previous Bethesda games.

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