The United States, another billion to help Kyiv: “Even the artillery.” Macron: “EU enlargement cannot be the only solution to stabilizing neighbours.” The Russians arrested two Americans – LIVE

Macron: “EU enlargement cannot be the only solution to the stability of neighboring countries”

French President Emmanuel Macron has said that EU membership “cannot be the only solution to the stability” of neighboring countries such as Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia. “First of all because it is a rightly demanding process – he added – and because we must also continue to simplify our Europe so that it is more efficient.” Speaking during a joint press conference with Moldovan President Maya Sandu, Macron stressed the importance of building a larger European political community to cooperate on key issues such as defense and security, which in any case would not ignore the issue of membership.

Washington sends another billion in aid to Kyiv: even artillery

Joe Biden spoke to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and told him that the United States would provide another $1 billion in security assistance, including artillery and other defensive weapons, as well as ammunition and advanced missile systems that Kyiv needs. The White House confirms this.

Media: “Another billion aid to Ukraine from the United States is ready”

The Biden administration is preparing to announce $1 billion in new aid to Ukraine. This was reported by Bloomberg News, citing the Associated Press.

The Russians captured two American volunteers

Two American volunteers in Ukraine were captured by Russian forces near Kharkiv. The Daily Mail, citing the Daily Telegraph, reported that Robert Druerke and Andy Hoen – US Army veterans from Alabama – were captured last week. Drwerky and Huynh left for Ukraine as volunteers to assist the Kyiv forces.

Media: Turkey refuses to meet Sweden and Finland

Turkey rejected NATO’s proposal to hold a tripartite meeting with Sweden and Finland in order to resolve the issue of Ankara’s opposition to the entry of Scandinavian countries into the Atlantic alliance. Some Turkish media announced this by publishing part of an article in the Financial Times citing sources familiar with the file.

Russian raids on Mykolaiv

Today, Russian forces carried out new raids on residential neighborhoods of Mykolaiv, hitting a four-story building and wounding at least one person. This was stated by Mayor Nikolaev Alexander Senkevich, citing Ukrainska Pravda.

Ankara: “Potentially Safe Grain Route in the Black Sea”

The areas where the mines are located are known: it is possible to create safe exits from three ports, this will allow ships to pursue them without any threat. The Ukrainian boats will guide the ships to reach the safety zone.” The Turkish Foreign Minister said that Mouloud Cavusogluaccording to reports fromUNIAN Quoting the media Ankara. The Turkish minister described the UN plan to export Ukrainian wheat as “realistic”. “We are waiting for a response from Russia on this issue. Turkey supports this plan. If the parties support the initiative, we can organize a meeting in Istanbul to discuss the details,” he added.

Kyiv: “The resistance in Severodonetsk is blocking the progress of Russia”

It is becoming more and more difficult, but our army is resisting the enemy from three directions at the same time. They are defending Severodonetsk Not allowing the enemy to advance towards Lyschansk. But the Russians are close, the population is suffering and the houses are destroyed.” This was stated by the governor of the Lugansk region Serhiy Gaidai, citing CNN. “The buildings near the (Azote) chemical plant are destroyed. He added, “The enemy is weaker in street battles, and that is why they used artillery fire and destroyed our homes.”

Since the beginning of the war, 380 cultural sites have been destroyed

Since the conflict began on February 24, Russian attacks have been damaged or subsequently destroyed 380 locations Cultural Heritage of Ukraine. According to the Deputy Minister of Culture and Information, Anastasia BondarRussian forces are also attacking architectural, archaeological, religious and other monuments throughout the country. bring it back Kyiv Independent.

Moscow: “We do not expect sanctions on gas”

Russia does not expect sanctions on its gas supplies for the foreseeable future. This was stated by the Permanent Representative of Moscow to the European Union, Vladimir Chizhov, citing TASS.

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