This 2 euros with mint error will make you rich: photo

Someone told you that 2 Euro with the wrong coinage will make you rich? It depends on the minting error and what you think is the wealth. For sure, mintage errors are synonymous with unique coins that can be really valuable. In numismatics, it is said that an error in minting can lead to a tenfold increase in the value of a coin.

There is, however, no reverence for minting errors, and the value of a coin at that point depends above all on supply and demand, and on the extent to which a minting error has been recognized as such by numismatic experts. Coins with minting errors, in general, have clearly visible errors in a very limited number of samples, making these coins very rare. Let’s find out more about 2 Euro with mintage error.

2 euros with mintage error: what

2 Euro with mintage error are two basic series. The first is certainly the most famous. In fact, the 2 Euro series minted in Germany in 2008 is a huge mistake in the European border map. In fact, it does not include the new member states that joined the European Union in the previous year, 2007. Germany did not accidentally receive the letter of border change coming from Brussels, and so the mint produced a series of coins with the border error. The value of this coin is now between 50 and 60 euros depending on its preservation and conditions. Auctions often ask for much higher numbers.

The second series was instead produced in Spain, always the 2 Euro series. The example in question is the one related to the tenth anniversary of the founding of the Economic and Monetary Union, the European Monetary Union. The coin design is that of a stylized little man wearing a childlike key, his hand turning into lines that form the euro symbol, €. In this series of coins there is a clear minting error on both sides: the stars denoting the 12 founding nations of the union are much larger than any other 2 euro coin in circulation. This coin is worth about 20 euros, and it is also sold for much more money on Ebay.

Mining error: what to pay attention to

Coinage error is a great possibility for collectors, because, as we have said, the price of the example can multiply several times. But it’s also a risk for naive buyers: mintage errors are often presented as such when they aren’t (recently the amazing story of the 1 euro coin for Greece, for example) or when they represent something very marginal.

It may even happen that even a fake coin is passed on as a “mint”: 2 Euro is actually subject to different counterfeiting due to the same color combination, and similar metal alloys, to the old 500 lira. For this you should pay the utmost attention, and possibly rely on the opinion of a numerical expert.

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