This tiny house designed like a car, you can put it wherever you want and it will solve your vacation forever

There’s an Italian company you should hear about, it’s called Pineca, and if you don’t know it, it’s time to fix it: their houses—almost all made of wood—not only are of good quality, but they cost less than half. than normal.

The trick does not exist and neither does deception. Pineca homes are solid, and can have two main styles: the traditional house of log houses, the Scandinavian-inspired, the Alpine, or the ultra-modern.

We are talking about homes that can be inhabited all year round, which can also have three bedrooms and two bathrooms, as well as a living room and a veranda. But it is still built entirely from the most natural material out there, namely wood.

DimensionsGetty Images

This cubic house model has contemporary pieces of special value: it has large and spacious windows that allow you to use only natural light for whole seasons. the cost? 40 thousand euros.

How does a house, well built and built in Italy, cost like a car? Well, it is about building houses in series. They are, so to speak, modular homes, which sell prefabricated and then assembled on site. From the photos it is very clear: it is beautiful.

To get one, or to evaluate if you want to buy it (instead of a traditional house, you can save more than 50%, which is a significant amount) just start from the company’s website. Nothing could be simpler, from there you can contact the technicians directly. We can do business that will last a lifetime, and finally get the house by the sea, or in the mountains, that we have always dreamed of.

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